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Why FAM ?

Emirati Group

FAM Holding is a national group established in 2005, with more than a decade of success and growth, FAM is owned by Dr.Faisal Ali Mousa, and rated among the most recognized groups in UAE.

Diversified investments

FAM investments are spread across 3 countries, with a portfolio of various assets which secures the sustainability of the group.

10+ Years of growth

In 2005 FAM Holding Group has been established, since then it has developed constantly, by enlarging its investments and investing in more industries.

5 Industries

FAM Holding Group, has invested in 5 industries since its establishments. Real-estate, Chemical industries, Films production, Contracting and Information technology.

A few reasons to invest in the UAE

Highest rental ROI

Among the highest rental yields in the world – an average of up to 7-10% compared to 2-3% in other global markets

TAX Free

0% income tax on rental yields and capital appreciation

World-class infrastructure

The UAE’s vision to invest heavily in its transport, telecommunications and industrial infrastructure make it an attractive destination for investment.

Safe & Secure

Safe and very sound – The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index 2017-2018 revealed that the UAE is the second safest place in the world

Financing options

Readily-available financing options – interest rates range between 3-5% with repayment terms as long as 25 years

Strategic location

The UAE sits at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, providing easy access to many of the world’s fastest growing emerging markets.